June 27-28, 2019
Nur-Sultan (Borovoe)
July 4-5, 2019
HR heads and specialists
Lawyers responsible for support of foreigners
Employees of mobilization department, industrial relations department
Specialists of visa and work permit department
Personal assistants to managers
Who is the seminar aimed at
What will be discussed at the seminar
How to ensure the legal entry and stay of a foreign employee in Kazakhstan?
How to reduce the risk of violation of the migration rules in order to secure a company from administrative sanctions and fines?
Installation and maintenance of equipment. Is a company eligible to invite a foreigner under visa waiver?
Movement of a foreigner within the regions. When and where is a notification letter required?
Detention, removal from flight and deportation of a foreigner. Actions of a company in such cases.
Price and terms of participation
  • Price for participation of 1 employee is 200,000 tenge + VAT 12%
  • 30% of discount is available for current clients of WPK
  • Price includes coffee-breaks, lunches, handouts and certificates
  • Price does not include costs for travel, accommodation and transfer of participants
  • Number of participants from one organization is not more than 3 people
Date and venue
Seminar will take place in two cities. You can participate in one of them.
Nur-Sultan (Borovoe)
June 27-28
Rixos Borovoe hotel
Seminar will be held at the Rixos Borovoe hotel. Hotel is located in the National Park on the shore of Lake Shchuchye 280 km from the capital.
July 4-5
Kadam Invest BC, 9th floor
Seminar will be held in the WPK office in Almaty at the address: 150, Bogenbai batyr str.
Seminar program
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Full name
If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone: +7 (7172) 550-671 (Nur-Sultan city) and +7 (727) 244-75-71 (Almaty city)
To register, please fill in the contract application and send it to info@wpk.kz
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