C2 visa for family reunion

Learn how to invite close relatives from abroad in 2023
You can invite close relatives from abroad to Kazakhstan under C2 visa.

Who can be invited on visa?
Visa is issued to family members:
  • spouse who has been officially married for at least 3 years
  • children, including children over 18 years old, unmarried and dependent
  • disabled parents who are dependent on the inviting person
  • other family members whose maintenance is responsibility of the inviting person
Advantages of C2 visa
  • Visa period
    C2 visa is issued for a period of up to 1 year with the right of annual renewal
  • Entry to Kazakhstan
    C2 visa allows you to enter and leave Kazakhstan multiple times
  • Extension of stay
    Validity of C2 visa can be extended by the RoK migration service without leaving the country
  • Labor activity
    C2 visa gives the spouses the right to work

Process of obtaining C2 visa is quite simple and transparent.
You do not need to oursouce your application through the agencies.

For your convenience, we have gathered all the information on C2 visa relevant for 2023. Having reviewed, you can collect the list of required documents and submit visa application yourself.
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