State of emergency

Restriction on entry of foreigners into the RoK territory
In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the President has declared the state of emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan starting from March 16 till April 15, 2020.

A number of measures have been implemented, including restriction on entry of foreigners into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
As explained on the website of the RoK MFA, this restriction does not apply to you if you are:
  • crew members of aircraft and marine vessels;
  • holders of residence permit on the RoK territory;
  • family members of the RoK citizens (if family relation is confirmed).

The Presidential Decree does not provide for restriction on departure of foreigners from Kazakhstan.
The challenging issue is what to do if you are already in Kazakhstan and whether you can extend your stay in the event of a state of emergency.
We have prepared a brief information on how to extend your period of stay without leaving the country. For your convenience, information was divided into 4 groups:
1. Work visa of С3 category
If you are staying in Kazakhstan under work visa of C3 category, then your visa validity can be renewed after work permit is extended.

The state authorities have suspended the acceptance of documents for issuance of work permits and visas. However, extension of their validity is still carried out as before.

Please note that the process of work permit renewal shall be initiated not later than 30 calendar days prior to expiration of work permit. Whereas, C3 work visa prolongation process is carried out not earlier than 30 business days and not later than 5 business days prior to expiry date of the valid visa.
2. Business visa of В2 category
If you are staying in Kazakhstan under business visas of B2 category, you may extend your period of stay in accordance with existing Rules for issuance of KZ visas.

According to paragraph 49 of the Rules, B2 business visa is renewed by the migration service for a period of up to 30 days.
Visa renewal is carried out based on an application of the host entity which previously applied for the initial visa.

The application for visa renewal should be submitted at least in 5 business days prior to expiry date of the valid one.
3. Citizens of 57 visa-free countries
Foreign nationals of 57 countries can stay in Kazakhstan under visa waiver for up to 30 days since entry.

For further stay, you have the right to apply for a single-entry business visa for up to 30 days issued by the migration service (according to paragraph 18 of the Rules for entry and stay of foreigners in the RoK).
4. Citizens of CIS
The permitted period of stay of the CIS citizens, including Eurasian Economic Union, is determined by the registration period specified in the certificate of temporary registration of a foreigner (temporary residence permit).

Extension of stay of the CIS citizens is carried out by the migration service in accordance with paragraph 6 of the Rules for entry and stay of foreigners in the RoK.

So, renewal of the registration of foreigners staying in Kazakhstan for the purpose of employment is carried out for the duration of the employment contract.

The same paragraph provides that when a state of emergency is declared, extension of the registration of citizens staying in Kazakhstan, for example, for private or tourist purposes, shall be carried out for a period required for timely departure, but not for more than 90 calendar days.
Effective March 19, a quarantine regime has been announced in the cities of Nur-Sultan (Astana) and Almaty due to the complicated situation with COVID-19 cases spreading.
At this moment, it is not known how the migration service and other state authorities will perform their work. But we will keep you informed about further updates.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact WPK consultants in your region.
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