Visa to the USA

Recommendations on processing the US visa
If you decide to get an American visa and collect the required documents, here are some tips from our practice. The process of obtaining a tourist visa to the United States, our personnel is divided into several stages.
Stage 1
Payment and filling in the questionnaire
  • We pay the consular fee for a B2 category visa - $ 160.
  • Fill out the DS-160 questionnaire form online at the US Consulate website.

  • digital version of the photo 3,5x4,5 cm should be attached to the questionnaire, in jpg or pdf format
  • Payment and filling out a questionnaire for each spouse should be submitted separately
    Stage 2
    Fixing an appointment for an interview
    At this stage, we record the client for an interview at a US consulate.

    The recording should be made online: we indicate the number of the previously completed DS-160 questionnaire form and attach the scanned payment receipt. The choice of the date of the interview is carried out automatically for the nearest free time. The possibility of choosing the desired date is also provided.
    Stage 3
    Collection of documents
    What documents are required for a visa in the United States?
    Together with the client, our consultants provide the following package of documents:
    • International passport;
    • One 3,5x4,5 cm photo;
    • Hotel reservation;
    • Employment confirmation certificate, indicating the position held, length of service and salary;
    • Employment payroll certificate for the last six months;
    • Leave Order;
    • Original marriage certificate;
    • Address confirmation certificate from the PSC;
    • Property burden clearance (availability) certificate (PSC);
    • Copies of passports of relatives remaining in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • Confirmation of fixing an appointment for an interview;
    • Confirmation of sending the DS-160 questionnaire form, with a bar code;
    • Consular fee payment receipt for machine processing.
    Note: confirmation certificates and order from the place of work are required in the original letterhead
    Stage 4
    Interview in the US Consulate
    An interview at the Consulate is an important stage prior to getting a visa. To complete it successfully, we recommend that clients take the time and prepare for the interview.

    • At the interview, it is required to not to worry. Usually during the interview, they ask simple questions: "For how many days do you fly to the USA?", "Which cities in America do you plan to visit?", "Who is traveling with you", "Which of your relatives remain in Kazakhstan?", and "What is your salary?", "Where do you work and what is your position", "Date of birth of your children?" etc.
    • Answer the question of the consular officer clearly, confidently and reliably. If the question is not clear - ask again politely.
    • The information you provide at the interview should not diverge from those specified by you in the documents.

    At the end of the interview, a consular officer will inform you whether a visa has been approved or a visa is refused. Bear in mind that the interviewer has the RIGHT to not to explain the reason for the refusal.
    Stage 5
    Obtaining and transfer of the passport
    Therefore, the interview was successful and the visa was approved for the client. The next day, by power of attorney, we receive a passport with a glued-in visa and transfer it to the client. We recommend to carefully check whether all the information in the visa is correct.
    At the end, we would like to add the following:
    • A tourist visa in the United States can be issued for 10 years, even if your passport expires ahead of your visa.
    • A valid visa does not need to be re-glued to a new passport - you can travel to the USA with two passports.
    • A visa is issued for the planned trip. Even if for some reason your trip has failed, the visa shall not be canceled and remains valid until the end of the term.
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