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About course
WPK Group company conducts the corporate training course "Processing Kazakhstan visas in 2021".

Kazakhstan Government regularly introduces amendments and additions to the existing visa regulations. Specialists must always be aware of the main changes in the legislation, current order for accepting and considering documents in order to attract foreign labor force to the project in time.

Training includes 5 main topics and will be held online.
Topics of training
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Topic No.1
Duration - 1 hour
Topic No.2
Duration - 1 hour
Topic No.3
Duration - 1 hour
Topic No.4
Duration - 1 hour
Topic No.5
Duration - 1 hour
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Terms of participation and payment
Total cost of the corporate training course consisting of 5 topics is 175,000 KZT + VAT 12%.

For conduction of the corporate training download the contract application, fill out and send it to

Should you have any questions on organizing and holding training, please contact us by tel.: +7 (7172) 550-671.
Benefit for the client
Program of the corporate training course is developed with due consideration of the latest changes in the visa legislation, their practice implementation, and is based on the practical knowledge and professional experience of the WPK consultants in the migration sphere.

When preparing materials, we check with the information and requirements of the migration and border service on the existing procedure and legislation updates.
      3 main advantages of the corporate course
      • On-the-job training of employees (client determines the frequency and order of training at its own discretion)

      • Actual training topics (client may suggest the desired training topic depending on the needs)

      • Improving theoretical and practical knowledge of employees based on the results of training
      Corporate course targeted at
      Training program targeted at:
      • HR heads and specialists
      • specialists of visa and work permits department
      • employees responsible for mobilization and relocation of personnel
      • lawyers
      Training will be held online via Zoom platform. Average duration of one topic is 1 hour.

      During the training WPK consultants make a presentation on the topic, share their practices and recommendations, answer participants' questions.

      Training is conducted in Russian. Number of the webinar participants is unlimited.
      Regulatory framework
      Training course programs are developed based on the following normative acts:
      • RoK Law on migration of population
      • Rules for entry and stay of foreigners in the RoK
      • Rules for processing invitations and visas issuance of the RoK
      • Administrative Offences Code of the RoK
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      Стоимость полного курса из 5 вебинаров составляет 150,000 тенге + НДС 12% за участника.

      При участии двух и более сотрудников предусмотрена скидка 10%.

      Для участия необходимо заполнить договор-заявку и выслать на
      Заказать курс
      Стоимость участия в одном вебинаре 10 000 тг. за человека.

      Вы можете выбрать любой вебинар или принять участие во всех.

      По завершении вебинаров будут выданы сертификаты участия.
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      About organizer
      For over 15 years, WPK Group has been supporting the foreign investors and companies on the issues of mobilization and employment of the foreign specialists in Kazakhstan.

      Since last year we have been conducting online trainings.We have successfully conducted training for 128 employees of companies in the oil and gas, mining and tobacco industries.
      1. WPK is a member of the AILA Association and European Business Association of Kazakhstan (EUROBAK)
      2. WPK company is an official migration consultant of the Japanese and South Korean embassies in Kazakhstan
      3. WPK periodically holds conferences and business meetings on the migration matters
      With EUROBAK association, we regularly hold webinars focused on the most topical issues. Representatives of the migration and border service, employment and labor departments take part as the invited speakers.
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