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What to do in case of foreign citizen's death in Kazakhstan?

In case of foreign citizen's death on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to:

1. Report the incident to the local ambulance, police, representatives of the inviting company or Consulate, depending on death circumstances.
Ambulance doctors make a statement of the fact of death, police officers draw up an inspection report and description of the death circumstances, and assign a forensic medical examination (if necessary).

2. Contact the insurance company if the deceased person was insured for death. Repatriation will be handled by an insurance company together with a funeral home.

3. Prepare the necessary documents for sending the body of the deceased abroad (customs registration of cargo 200).

4. Transport the body of a deceased person to the homeland for burial or cremation.

5. Arrange for the coffin to be picked up at the airport of the host state (receiving party).

Documents required for sending the body of a deceased person from Kazakhstan abroad:

  • Certificate of death issued by a medical organization (mortuary) at the place of death of the deceased;
  • Death certificate issued by the public service center (PSC) at the place of death;
  • Certificate of absence of infectious disease issued by the mortuary at the place of death;
  • Certificate of permission to export the deceased abroad, issued by the sanitary-epidemiological station at the place of death;
  • Certificate of embalming issued by the mortuary or funeral home at the place of death;
  • Certificate of hermetically sealed and galvanized coffin and the absence of extraneous attachments in it (signed by the representatives of local executive authorities, police).

Note: depending on the country where the above documents are intended to be used, all supporting documents must be legalized or apostilled, translated into the appropriate foreign language and notarized.

Terms of repatriation of the body of the deceased abroad

Repatriation from Kazakhstan depends on the death circumstances of the deceased, the necessary documents processing time and it takes from a few days to several weeks, in some cases, the period may be extended. For example, if a crime is being investigated upon law enforcement authorities request, as well as of medical institutions request in case of infectious diseases research.

Transportation of the coffin with the deceased is carried out:
• by plane
• by train
• motor transport

Please note that:
  • cremation of the body of a deceased person is prohibited on the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • if necessary, cremation of the deceased must be performed on the territory of the receiving state;
  • personal belongings of the deceased person are transferred to the closest relatives. In case of the of relatives, things are recognized as escheated property and become the property of the state in accordance with the provisions of the civil code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • upon arrival in the territory of the host state, the funeral home removes the zink stripping of the container and the body of the deceased will be transferred to a traditional coffin for further burial or cremation;
  • in case of relatives of the deceased absence, the burial is carried out in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of death funded from the local budget.

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