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Anel Saulen
Director of WPK Almaty
tel.: +7 (771) 786-80-25
e-mail: anel.s@wpk.kz
Anel Saulen has been the Director of our office in Almaty since 2020.

Anel coordinates work on projects in Almaty, Shymkent cities, Almaty and Turkestan regions. Consults foreign executives and HR of the international companies in the mining, financial, pharmaceutical and IT industries. Has experience of working with companies such as Microsoft, General Electric, KPMG, Philip Morris, Pfizer, Sanofi, BASF, Atlas Copco, Loreal, Colgate, EFES, Jacobs, KATCO, Sumitomo, etc.

Anel graduated from the Suleiman Demirel University with a degree in the International Law. Fluent in Kazakh, Russian, English and Turkish.
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