This questionnaire is conducted to review current repatriation practices in the event of death of a foreign employee in Kazakhstan.

The questionnaire results will help us to analyze the requirements of the foreign embassies and determine the sequence of actions when the deceased worker returns to his/her homeland, as well as prepare recommendations for employers.
1. Which Embassy do you represent?
2. Does the Embassy require to obtain permission to return the body to the homeland in the event of death of a citizen of your state in the territory of Kazakhstan?
3. If so, what documents must be submitted to obtain such permission?
4. How to submit documents to the Embassy? Will apostille / legalization of these documents be required?
5. Will it be enough to send the scanned copies by email?
6. How long does it take to issue a permission to return the body to the homeland?
7. What is important to know when contacting your Embassy and transporting the body to the homeland?
8. What assistance does the Embassy provide in the event of death of its citizen in Kazakhstan?
Note: if you have a written procedure for actions in such cases, we kindly ask you to send it to

Thank you for participating in the questionnaire!