Passport services

Here you can find our practical cases of passport services, registrations and notifications.
A British citizen arrived in Kazakhstan at the invitation of our client. The day before his return flight, he lost his passport. After an unsuccessful search, the client asked us to contribute the restoration of the passport.

First, we immediately contacted the British Embassy in Astana and reported the incident, since the foreigner was a national of this country.

Then the WPK officer accompanied the foreigner to the Central Internal Affairs Directorate and assisted to fill out and submit a statement for the passport loss. A certificate of confirmation of the passport loss received on the same day at the Central Internal Affairs Directorate was sent by express mail to the British Embassy in Astana.

The next morning the embassy officers prepared and issued a temporary passport to the British ("Emergency passport").

Our employee promptly drafted and sent a petition letter to the Migration Police Department to receive an exit visa for a foreigner. An Emergency passport and a certificate from the Central Internal Affairs Directorate were attached to the letter. On this basis, a foreigner as a person who lost a passport in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan was issued a B15 visa.

On this exit visa, a foreign citizen was able to safely leave Kazakhstan and return home.

WPK tips
Thus, if you are a foreign citizen and have lost your passport during your stay in Kazakhstan, do not panic - you will be able to leave after receiving an exit B15 visa.

What do you need for this?
  1. Contact the embassy of your country to notify about the incident and to apply for the Emergency passport. (In some cases, embassies issue to their compatriots a return certificate or other travel document.)
  2. Apply to the CIAD with a statement about the passport loss and get a certificate confirming the application.
  3. Prepare a petition from the inviting company for issue the exit B15 visa in connection with the passport loss.
  4. Send the petition to the Migration Police Department, attaching the Emergency passport and the certificate from the Central Internal Affairs Directorate therein.
You can also contact our consultants and entrust all the efforts associated with the restoration of a passport and an exit visa for you and your family members. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.
It happens that a foreigner who is in Kazakhstan is required to replace the existing passport with a new one. In our practice, there were similar appeals from citizens of India, Great Britain and the USA. There are several reasons for this:
  • passport expires
  • no free pages in the current document
  • passport or individual pages in it are damaged (for example, by a washing machine)

What to do in this situation?

1. It is required to contact the embassy of the country of the citizenship.
At the embassy, it is required to find out a detailed list of documents for replacing a passport by a new one, the deadline for submitting an application and its consideration.

2. Diplomatic embassies of foreign countries in Kazakhstan are located in two cities - in Astana and Almaty. Therefore, it would not be superfluous to immediately specify, whether the presence of the applicant is necessary. Some embassies require the personal presence of their citizens, others practice working with a trustee.

Therefore, in the first case, we recommend that you plan your trip in advance, if you stay or work in another region of Kazakhstan. In the second case, it is required to determine the person who will represent your interests in the embassy, and issue a corresponding power of attorney in advance.

You can also assign these questions to professional migration consultants, who will prepare all the attached documents and accompany you at the embassy or represent your interests under the power of attorney.

3. To submit and review the application, it is required to complete all the forms and submit them to the embassy. When receiving documents, it is required also to submit the original of a valid passport. After reviewing the embassy officer will return it.

4. The term of consideration and registration of a new passport is on average 20 calendar days and varies depending on the place of registration of the old passport.

5. When the passport is ready, you or your authorized person will need to return to the embassy. Upon receipt, it is required to re-submit the old passport, which in some cases is canceled, but returned to the owner along with the new passport.

WPK recommendation.

After receiving a new passport, immediately notify the company in which you work in Kazakhstan. Remember, as the receiving party, the company is responsible for your stay in the country. Including, for the correct indication of passport data when renewing your work permit, visa, registration at the migration police office.
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