WPK company has been professionally advising and accompanying its clients on migration issues for 15 years
Work permits
For recruiting a foreign citizen, an employer is required to issue a corresponding work permit. In order to protect the local labor market, the Government approved the rules and conditions for issuing work permits, including the qualification requirements (education, experience) of foreign workers involved.

WPK company advises clients on the entire foreign worker applying process: compliance with qualifications and job responsibilities, applications preparation and related documents for obtaining / renewing a permit, making employment contract, timely reports submission and an annual quota application.

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Visa to Kazakhstan
Depending on citizenship, a foreigner may need a visa for entrance in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan visas are issued by availability of receiving entity invitation with the visa support number of the migration service.

WPK company professionally advises clients on obtaining business and work visas, compliance with conditions of foreigners arrival/departure and residence, according with visas categories.

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Schengen, UK, US visas
Visa issues are always important for the companies which regularly second their employees abroad for advanced professional trainings, internship, business meetings, etc.

Each Embassy has its own requirements for processing visas. Contact WPK consultants to receive up-to-date information and obtain visas to Schengen, UK, USA and other countries.

India, USA, Saudi Arabia
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Registration of foreigners, submission of notifications
Inviting party / employer is obligated to control timely registration and departure of invited foreign workers, family members and guests, their entry and residence.

WPK consultants provide a client with supporting by required terms of legal residence for foreigners, passport registration, migration service notification of arrival, including termination and process an exit visa.

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Apostille & Legalization
In order to make an official document of foreign origin valid in the Republic of Kazakhstan, it shall be apostilled or legalized in advance in the country of issue. For example, to obtain a work permit in Kazakhstan, an employer shall submit foreign worker diploma with an apostille mark or consular legalization.

WPK has professional experience of documents apostilization (diplomas, certificates, marriage certificates, child birth) in the USA, Australia, Great Britain and other European countries.

In the case of consular documents legalization, our specialists represent the clients interests in embassies of foreign countries, including that located in Moscow.

China, Philippines
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Police clearance certificate
Police clearance certificate may become necessary for the foreigners who worked in Kazakhstan and plan to move to another country to work. Also this certificate is required for citizens of Kazakhstan when departing to another country for the reason of work, study, permanent residence or long business trip.

WPK provides services on preparation and submission of documents required for receiving police clearance certificate on a full scale and in due time.
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Entry pass to the border area
Entry of foreigners into the border area is allowed only under special permits which are issued by the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Such boundary regime always operates around the perimeter of the state border

WPK specialists can consult on obtaining entry passes and timely prepare all necessary application documents.
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Seminars and trainings
WPK company regularly conducts open and corporate seminars on the immigration legislation. Each seminar is held in the format of live communication, where WPK consultants share their professional experiences and case studies.

The seminars are recommended for specialists of HR, visa, legal services, industrial relations, local content departments and others.
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Training new employees
If your company has a necessity to train new or temporary employee, you may contact to WPK. Our consultants have an experience in staff training and can offer a 2-3-day course on visa and migration legislation with further remote support practice for 1-2 months.

We can also provide you with our specialist for the period of your employee absence. For example, a WPK consultant may substitute your employee during his or her regular labor, maternity leave, etc. In this case, you will not be obligated to recruit a temporary worker.
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Document storage
According to various normative acts, laws and corporate procedures, there is a need for long-term storage of many paper documents in the archive, for example, contracts, accounting papers, personal files etc.

It is necessary to keep records of all documents (invoices, certificates, invoices, contracts, summaries, etc.), keep the terms of storage, reporting. And at some point the number of stored documents is becoming a tangible problem for many state and commercial companies, enterprises and organizations.

Long-term storage of documents at the office of the company tends to constrain the speed of documents and the effectiveness of its work in general, not to mention the increase in the cost of maintenance of the archive.
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