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To send an employee on a business trip to Saudi Arabia is required to obtain a visa. To obtain a multiple-entry commercial visa, a number of documents should be submitted to the consulate of Saudi Arabia, including.
Letter of invitation
The letter should come from an inviting organization from Saudi Arabia. It should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, a scanned copy is sufficient thereof.
Certificate of commercial registration of the inviting company in Saudi Arabia
The fact is that the activity of the company in which you work in Kazakhstan should coincide with the activity of the inviting party (for example, if your company is engaged in construction, then in Saudi Arabia the inviting company should be engaged in construction). For this purpose, it is required to request a copy of this certificate from the inviting party.
The Charter of the Kazakhstan Company in which the seconded employee works
Considering the requirements of the consulate, before submitting the Charter, it is required the following:
  1. legalize the Charter in the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  2. translate it into Arabic;
  3. notarize it.

To save time, WPK recommends first submitting the Charter for legalization to the DCS MFA, and then proceed with the collection of other documents. Because in practice, the process of reviewing and sealing the legalization seal takes from 2 to 4 weeks. The standard term for obtaining a visa from the moment of submission of documents to the consulate of Saudi Arabia is 5 business days.
You can entrust the WPK consultants with obtaining a visa to Saudi Arabia and the procedure for legalizing documents in the RoK DCS MFA.
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