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Seminar in Atyrau
We hold a seminar «Obtaining/ extension/ reissuance of work permits through e-license portal» on October 29 in Atyrau.

During the seminar we discussed the process details, nuances and recommendations to electronic format applications.

Thanks to all participants for their activity.
Seminar in Aktau
We hold a practical seminar on September 28 in Aktau.

During the seminar we discussed the problematic issues arising at the entry and stay of the foreigners, processing of invitations and visas as well as obtainment of work permits in electronic format.

Thanks to all participants for their activity.
Cooperation with the Embassy of Japan, August 10, 2018
WPK has started cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in the RoK.

This is aimed at supporting new and existing Japanese companies in Kazakhstan.

WPK has been successfully working for many years with the leading Japanese companies in Kazakhstan such as Inpex, Mitsubishi, Marubeni, Sumitomo, Mitsui, Toshiba, Toyota Tsusho, Takeda, etc.
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Moscow, Russian Federation, April 25, 2018
WPK continues to expand cooperation with diplomatic missions of foreign countries. A meeting was held yesterday at the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Moscow.

Opportunities of our potential collaboration, including on the issues of the consular legalization of documents, representing interests of our clients were discussed during the meeting. The Embassy paid a special attention to the issues related to stay of the Philippine nationals in Kazakhstan.

We express our appreciation to the Vice-Consul Catherine F. Alpay for organizing such an interesting and productive meeting!
Cooperation with the Embassy of India, April 23, 2018
We are pleased to announce the beginning of cooperation with the Embassy of India in the RoK.

In terms of the partnership, WPK employees have passed a training at the consular section of India.

Cooperation gives WPK the opportunity to work with the Embassy efficiently and to represent the interests of clients during visa processing.
Changes to the attracting foreign labor force, April 19, 2018
Please be informed that new amendments (Government Decree №189 dated 13.04.2018) regarding list of foreign residents who do not require work permits were published on 17th of April, 2018.

Important: CEOs and their deputies in Kazakhstani companies with 100% foreign ownership do not need work permits starting from the date once amendments come into force.

The Decree will come into force starting from 28th of April.
New fee rates, 2018
New Government resolution on fee rates for issuance and renewal of work permits comes into effect today, April 16. Previous resolution №459 dated August 18, 2016 became invalid.

More about changes in our video.
Entry pass for foreigners to the border area
Earlier we have informed you about necessity to obtain entry pass for foreigners into the border area, in particular for the Chinarevskoye field in the West Kazakhstan region.

Currently issuance of appropriate passes for the foreign employees and visitors is required in order to enter the Karachaganak field, which is also located in the border area.

Please contact a WPK Senior Consultant
Zhuldyz Gabdushova on the questions of obtaining entry passes.
+7 (7122) 27-01-17; +7 (701) 930-51-53;
Police Clearance Certificate
We often encounter the following.
A foreign employee, who worked in Kazakhstan for a long period of time, moved to another country to work. A new employer requires Police Clearance Certificate (for the period of his stay in Kazakhstan) as a part of the document package. The employee sends a request to HR department of the Kazakhstan branch asking to send him/her the certificate as soon as possible.

Actually, the abovementioned certificate may be really required in the following cases:
- for non-citizen (who worked in Kazakhstan) during the procedure of his employment;
- for citizen of Kazakhstan during his/her stay in another country for the reason of work, study, permanent residence or long business trip.

We recommend that the following actions should be taken in order that the certificate is valid:
1. solicit the original of certificate which is issued by authorized body at the General Prosecutor Office.
2. obtain it stamped with apostille or legalization mark (depending on the country of visit) at the Ministry of Justice).

It is also recommended that the certificate is obtained in advance due to the certain period necessary for its issue and apostille.
If the abovementioned has been fulfilled in advance, it can become possible to handle the certificate to the employee before his/her departure abroad.

Seminar in Astana
On January 19, 2018 in Astana we conducted the first in this year seminar on the topic: Visas and registration. Review of existing rules and adopted amendments.

The seminar was attended by representatives of such companies as NCOC, ExxonMobil, Cameco, Fluor, KAZ Minerals, KCOI, etc. Thank you all for your active participation!
Meeting with the Ambassador of Italy in Atyrau
On November 15, 2017 in Atyrau WPK and Embassy of Italy held a business meeting with the representatives of the companies of Atyrau and Mangistau regions.

His Excellency Mr. Stefano Ravagnan, Ambassador of Italy to Kazakhstan, spoke about current practice of issuing visas, answered to the questions of the participants. We would like to share some points mentioned during a meeting:
  • First entry to the Schengen area should be made through the country of visa issue.
  • Unused visa is not a violation or a reason for rejection of a visa. It is possible to apply for a new visa explaining the reasons of trip cancellation and non-use of a previous visa.
  • Change of the hotel after getting visa does not entail any consequences in case you stay at the hotel located in the same city.
  • Student visa (national visa) enables the holder to visit other countries of the Schengen zone.
We thank all participants and Embassy of Italy.
Practical seminar in Almaty
On November 9 and 10, 2017 in Almaty we conducted seminars on the migration rules.

The purpose of these seminars is to familiarize our clients with the latest and forthcoming legislative changes. And also to consider the practical cases that the participants encountered in the process of work permits obtaining, issuing visas and registration.

The seminars were attended by representatives of such companies as Chevron, Shell, Fluor, PSN, Kentech, KCOI, Zhaikmunai, JTI, Kaspi, Santo, etc. Thank you all for your active participation!
Corporate seminar for Tengizchevroil
On October 30, 2017 in Atyrau we held the next seminar for the employees of the visa department of Tengizchevroil.

Seminar focused on the upcoming changes to the immigration legislation as well as Rules for processing visas and work permits.

Special attention was paid to the Rules for visas issuance, in particular to those changes which are expected from January 1, 2018 and will have effect on:
- terms of submission and list of documents;
- order of entry, stay and registration of the foreigners.
Seminar in the Embassy of Italy
On October 27, 2017 we conducted a seminar for the employees of the Embassy of Italy in Astana.

Seminar was dedicated to the existing procedure for obtaining work permits, processing visas and registration of the foreign citizens.

WPK thanks the Embassy of Italy for cooperation and initiative in holding the seminar.
Meeting with the U.S. Consulate, Almaty
On October 5, 2017 we held next scheduled meeting with the U.S. Consulate dedicated to the U.S. visas. Here are share some main points and recommendations highlighted during the meeting:

  • It is possible to submit documents for a 10 years visa if current 5 years visa is available without waiting for its expiry date;
  • It is allowed to have both 2 visas of different categories in the passport (for example, B1/B2 and J1);
  • Citizens of Russia can apply for a visa to the U.S. Consulate in Kazakhstan;
  • Citizens of Kazakhstan can obtain visa at any U.S. Consulate abroad.
Meeting with the U.S. Consulate, Astana
On September 7, 2017 WPK in association with the U.S. Consulate in Astana conducted a business meeting on processing the U.S. visas during which the employees of the department spoke about non-immigrant visas to the United States, requirements to filling and gathering of the documents for visa.

Representatives of the companies ExxonMobil, Shell, Lukoil and others participated in this meeting.
Meeting with the Ministry of Internal Affairs
On June 2, 2017 in Astana WPK company organized a meeting dedicated to the visa issues and registration of the foreigners.

Representatives of the Immigration Service of the MIA and the Border Service of the NSC have discussed actual topics of invitation and stay of the foreigners in Kazakhstan as well as have shared forthcoming changes to the legislation with the participants.
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Overview of the amendments, July 2018
1. Migration card
Change: issuance of the migration cards upon entry to Kazakhstan has been cancelled.

Availability of C3 (work) and В1-В3 (business) visas exempts foreigners from the need to complete migration cards upon arrival in the airport.

In the meantime, migration cards are being granted to the citizens of countries of visa-free regime, CIS countries including Eurasian Economic Union countries.
2. Passport registration
Change: procedure of passport registration in the migration service has been simplified.

Registration is not required for foreigners entering Kazakhstan with C3 and В1-В3 visas as well as for citizens of 45 visa-free regime countries for the period of stay up to 30 days.

In other cases, registration is required and should be completed within 5 calendar days from the date of arrival of a foreigner in the RoK.
3. Notification on arrival
Change: responsibility of the inviting organizations for untimely informing the migration service on arrival of foreigners has been strengthened.

It is known that hosting party is obliged to submit a written notification to the migration service within 3 business days from the date of arrival of a foreigner.

Untimely submission of such notification entails administrative fine including possible restriction for the inviting organizations on processing invitation letters within 1 year.
4. Invitation for visa
Change: new form of the invitation letter for processing visa to Kazakhstan has been approved.

Inviting organizations shall indicate the information regarding residence address of a foreigner in the RoK in the invitation letter which will be used to complete the automatic registration of a foreigner in the Berkut system.

Inviting companies shall notify the migration service within 3 business days in case of change of residence address.
January 10, 2018
The amendments to the Administrative Offenses Code
Amendments to the Administrative Offenses Code of the RoK which took effect on January 9, 2018.

According to Article 518 of the Administrative Offenses Code, an administrative fine will be imposed if an inviting party fails to comply with Clause 2 of the Rules for passports registration of immigrants (provision of information on arrived immigrants by the inviting parties). The fine is imposed on the inviting organization.

Previously, administrative measures were not imposed for a failure to comply with the above clause.
October 4, 2017
USA: Registration for the 2017 Green Card Lottery applications is now open
On October 3 the U.S. officials started acceptance of applications for participation in the U.S. Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery. Green Card gives holders the right to live, work and study in the United States on a permanent basis, and to obtain U.S. citizenship. More about lottery on the official website
September 25, 2017
Kazakhstan: amendments to the procedure of attracting foreign labor force under intra-corporate transfer
Amendments to the Rules of work permits issuance to the foreign workers were approved by the order of the Ministry of Labor No. 181 dated 28.06.2017. The changes mainly affected the process of intra-corporate transfer. Full text of the changes is available on our website at "Library".
September 22, 2017
Azerbaijan: urgent e-Visa option is now available with a processing time of 3 hours
A new option – submission of application for urgent e-Visa – is now available on the official portal of the ASAN visa system. The service is also available on weekend and holidays. State fee USD 20 and service fee USD 30 will be charged for processing urgent e-Visa.
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